LBX Link-belt Excavators

Versatile Heavy Machinery

As an authorized distributor of the versatile LBX Link-Belt Live of Excavators, Rasmussen Equipment Company rents, leases and sells a wide variety of new and used LBX Excavators. Rasmussen Equipment customers have access to a fleet of well-manufactured heavy equipment designed to perform a multitude of digging and construction tasks.

Why Choose LBX (Link-Belt) Excavators?

LBX Link- Belt excavators offer several advantages for customers renting or purchasing excavator equipment. Some important advantages includes:

  • Highly respected manufacturer of heavy equipment
  • Well-designed and solidly constructed equipment
  • A range of models offering variable heights, sizes and materials handling capabilities
  • Readily available repair services and replacement parts
  • A proven track record of performance and innovation

Valuable Excavating Equipment

LBX Link Belt excavators include machines designed for use on level surfaces and models intended for deployment in rougher terrain. All these products display solid construction and high quality. Customers typically benefit by discussing their specific heavy equipment and excavating needs with a customer service representative from Rasmussen Equipment Company in advance of making a purchase, leasing or rental decision.

Variations in the operating weight, boom type and length, and materials handling capacity will matter depending on the job requirements. Distinctions also occur in the track and gauge length. These features will impact the maneuverability of the product during daily operation.

A Brief History of Link-belt Excavators

The American inventor William Ewart established the earliest predecessor of the LBX Link-Belt company in the Midwest in 1880. Throughout the 1900s, the enterprise he founded (and its successor firms) produced acclaimed brands of heavy equipment.

This versatile equipment has played an important role in numerous construction settings in the past. Today the company’s brands continue to supply vital assistance with excavations. Customers can rent and/or purchase these durable excavators from Rasmussen Equipment Company. The Rasmussen fleet of excavating equipment ranges in size from 18,400 pounds up to 111,600 pounds; enabling us to accommodate both simple and highly complex projects.

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From simple hardware to heavy machinery, Rasmussen Equipment Company has an expansive selection of rigging supplies. If you’re unsure what exact tools you’ll need for your specific job, our sales team will be happy to help. You can reach our specialists by calling (801) 972-5588. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you have.

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