Swaged Wire Rope

Rasmussen Wire Rope: Swaged Wire

Swaged wire rope—also known as compacted wire rope—is a versatile rope style that is wear resistant, crushing resistant, and stronger than other ropes of a similar diameter. Since swaged wire is compacted by a rotary swager after the wire is closed, it decreases the diameter of the rope while also increasing its tensile strength. 


Rasmussen has been in the wire rope game since 1947. With an unmatched selection of wire rope options and unmatched industry experience, we’re the preferred wire rope partner for businesses across the country. Work with our team and get equipped with the right slings, rigging accessories, swaged wire ropes, and any materials you need to get the job done.

Swaged Wire Standards

There’s a lot of options when it comes to choosing which swaged wire is best for your construction project. The four products we’ve listed here are only a sampling of the swaged wire products we offer. If you’re interested in the lift standards of a specific class of rope, give us a call! Our team is happy to provide more details on any wire rope product so you can feel confident you have the right rope for the job.

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Talk with one of our experts today for a quote on any of our wire rope and rigging products. If you’re unsure what tools you’ll need for your specific project, our sales team is happy to help. You can reach our specialists by calling (801) 97205588. We want to hear about your upcoming projects and help you with any questions you have. Call today!

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