High Reach Excavator 85′ Reach

High Reach Demolition Excavators allow you to access areas that typical demolition excavators cannot. High reach demolition excavators are made with operator and crew safety in mind by eliminating the need for demolition using explosives or wrecking ball techniques. Demolition excavators allow for extreme precision even in tight work areas and are built to bring down the largest structures safely and efficiently.

Our High Reach Excavator rental combines the strength, safety and comfort of the Linkbelt 470×3 Excavator and impressive reach of our custom-made, 85’ reach boom and arm. The cab positioning system provides the operator with a choice of fixed, raised or raise-and-tilt cab configurations to improve upward visibility and a better view of attachment operation.

Makes & Models

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85' Reach Link-Belt 470x3
Class: with Genesis LXP 300 Jaw
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Excavator $33,000, Jaw $10,500, Monthly Total $43,500

Our High Reach Demolition Excavator combines the strength, safety and comfort of the Link-Belt 470×3 Excavator and the impressive reach of our custom-made, 85’ reach boom and arm. The cab positioning system provides the operator with a choice of fixed, raised or raise-and-tilt cab configurations to improve upward visibility and better view of attachment operation.

A spacious, enclosed cab with climate controlled A/C and heat, keeps operators comfortable and safe throughout the day. The cab also features a control panel with LED hi-definition color monitor, rearview camera display, operating gauges, fuel efficiency gauge, safety glass windows, shock-less cab suspension, and travel alarm for easy to operate conditions.
Our 85’ reach arm includes a high tech demolition boom water supply system for dust control – The system boasts easy operation from an electrical control box in the operator’s cab. Dual nozzles mounted on the end of the stick boom allow for full adjustment from fine mist to straight stream.

With three different Genesis LXP 300 attachment jaws available, we have the correct jaw for your high reach excavator to get the job done quickly and safely. Each jaw set’s integrated, patented pivot group is configured to deliver the perfect power curve for its primary application. This provides maximum power at the piercing point when shearing, concentrated force at the cracker tips and peak power when the jaws are fully open for concrete crushing.

Available Genesis LXP 300 attachment jaws:
Genesis LXP 300 Shear Jaw –
o Designed for general demolition, and structural steel, rebar, wire, aluminum and copper processing.
o Jaw opening – 22”
o Jaw depth – 24”
Genesis LXP 300 Concrete Cracker Jaw
o Designed for concrete recycling, C&D processing, demolition and rebar removal.
o Jaw opening – 43”
o Jaw depth – 30”
Genesis LXP 300 Pulverizing Jaw
o Designed for concrete processing, bridge demolition, rebar removal and secondary demolition projects.
o Jaw opening 35”
o Jaw Depth 26”

* Rate does not include blade wear charge
Gensis LXP Concrete Cracker Jaw
Gensis LXP Concrete Cracker Jaw Utah
Genesis LXP Pulverizer Jaw
Genesis LXP 300 Pulverize Utah
Genesis LXP Shear Jaw
Genesis LXP 300 Sheer Jaw for High Reach Excavator
Rental Rates Based On
8 hours day
40 hours week
176 hour calendar month
Double Shift Rate = Standard Rate X 1.75
Triple Shift Rate = Standard Rate X 2.50
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
All Rentals Qualify for Equity Builder Program

Rental Terms & Conditions

  • All rentals are subject to credit approval.
  • Rental rates are based on a single shift 8 hour day, 40 hour week and 176 hour month.
  • Double shifts are at 1.75 the single rate, triple shifts are bill at 2.50 the single shift rate.
  • Customers are responsible for all consumables such as; fuel, lubricants, filters, ground engaging tools (teeth, cutting edges, breaker chisels, etc), tire wear.
  • Customer shall maintain the machine by performing the prescribed daily machine inspections and maintenance.
  • Customer is required to carry adequate Physical Damage and Liability Insurance listing Rasmussen Equipment Company as additional insured. Certificate of Insurance must be on file at Rasmussen Equipment Company.
  • Customer is expected to use the machine in safe manner. Customer shall provide qualified operators who are trained in proper operating procedures. The customer must also ensure that the machine’s safety features such as back-up alarms, ROPS, etc., remain in proper operating condition while in customers possession.
  • Customer is responsible for excessive wear or damage to machine such as broken glass, lights, bent or dented sheet metal, cylinders, tires, operation instruments, etc.
  • Rental rates do not include any applicable taxes or permits.
  • Customer responsible for all transportation charges. FOB Salt Lake City.
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